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Calling all Artists and Craft workers

The decline of many traditional craft skills pose a serious threat of being lost forever. We owe it to our future generations to revive these dying skills.

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‘Crafty Locals’ is an artist led, Lincolnshire based site to promote Arts and Craft workers here in the once, but no longer

"cobweb corner of the web"


So, to all you talented ‘Crafty Locals’ out there  why not

  showcase and sell your work on Crafty Locals and do your bit to help keep traditional craft skills alive.

Hand Crafted work displays both individuality and a high degree of quality.

Let us help save traditional craft skills and build on what we used to do  -  create quality goods!. Handmade right here in Britain.


Crafty Locals will help unify local talented artists, some hidden away, undiscovered working in isolation in their garden sheds or back rooms of homes. Some artists like it this way but it is time they were discovered and given the credit they so deserve.   

Crafty Locals hopes to raise awareness, promote local talent and improve the visibility of all creative industries and creative people who feel isolated from the real world. The idea behind "Crafty Locals" is not only to encourage co-operation and networking between Arts and Community artists, crafts people, organisations but to promote the work of all  local creative people. This site will benefit many Artists and Crafts people by providing a showcase in the form of an art gallery, a virtual meeting place as well as a place to sell Quality Handmade British works of Art.


Crafty Locals aims to lead the way forward in providing a forum for discussion to assist in the development of the Cultural Arts Sector in North East Lincolnshire, the surrounding areas and beyond supporting equal opportunities for all individuals.

So if you have an artistic talent, be seen - join us


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