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Join Crafty Locals

Ok, so how does it work?

And why would I want to join Crafty Locals?


Because - Crafty Locals offers all practicing artists and craft workers:-



The annual fee for Artists wanting their own page on Crafty Locals is currently £30.00 (Sterling). But as a gesture to get this site up and running we are offering the first few artists a free 6 months


If you are ready to join Crafty Locals,

contact us with your details now


Those just wanting a text listing with no hyperlink or promotional page will not have to pay anything; its free. Simply contact us with your details.


If you would like a hyperlink to your own web site included in the text, please offer a donation £1.00 minimum, payable either by paypal or post.



We welcome all practicing artists and craftspeople to participate.


Tell us your news and we will publish it here for free.