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I am a Driftwood Craftworker and Artist from Cleethorpes.

My relationship with the beach began in early childhood. Growing up less than a mile from Cleethorpes beach, I spent many hours with my family walking our dogs and playing amongst the dunes. This relationship continued as I grew and in fact became stronger after I moved away from my home town. It was this inextricable link that eventually pulled me back to Cleethorpes, back to the beach and initiated my career as a driftwood craftsperson & artist.

I began working with driftwood in 2006 and as a craftsperson I make a large variety of products both useful and ornamental. These include driftwood clocks, mirrors, tables, sculpture, wall art and lamps for the home as well as furniture, planters, bird feeders and seed trays for the garden.


I have a very strong interest in the environment and conservation, a position which has been strengthened through my work with driftwood and is now an intrinsic part of my work. By working with driftwood I am recycling waste material which I then turn into an eco-friendly product. I collect all my driftwood by hand from the local beaches; I also pick up large amounts of litter which I am now also using in my work. In the future I hope to work with the local communities to promote conservation in our area.


In 2009 I took part in Antony Gormley’s ‘One & Other’ project by spending one hour on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square. I used this opportunity to promote both my art and marine conservation.


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